Native American Band Music

Anasazi - John Edmondson

Aztec - Erik Morales

Buffalo Dances - Robert W. Smith

Buffalo Jump Ritual - Daniel Bukvich

Chant and Tribal Dance - David Shaffer

Grandmothers Song  - Brent Michael Davids

Huron Indian Carol - Gene Milford

Iroquois Dance- Fred Sturm

Kachina: Chant & Spirit Dance - Anne McGinty

Kiva: Rituals & Ceremonies - Anne McGinty

Lament and Tribal Dances - Michael Sweeney

Legend of the Ghost Dance – Paul Jennings

Legend of the Saura - Harbison

Mazama - Jay Chattaway

Medicine Wheel - Douglas Nott

On the Warpath - Karl King

Painted Desert - Anne McGinty

Passing of the Red Man - Karl King

Pueblo - John Higgins

Ring of Fire- Fred Sturm

Ritual of the Tribe - Chris Brooks (for percussion ensemble)

Song of the Peace Pipe - Robert Hanson

Scenes from Indian Life - Ballard

Trail of Tears - James Barnes

Tribal Drums - David Shaffer

Tribal Quest
- Sean O'Laughlin

Tribal Voices - arr. Story

Tribal War Chant - Michael Story

Variations on a Sioux Melody - Ployhar