Here are some handouts from Convention and Rendezvous sessions.

Convention 2018

  • MBA Treasure Chest
    • Ideas from our members - Great Stuff!
  • Modern Band session
    • Little Kids Rock Website
    • Modern Band Summit 2018 Presentations
    • Modern Band 101
    • Riff a Day for Guitar

Rendezvous 2018

Convention 2017

Convention 2016
  • Scott Rush's sessions - The links to these handouts are at the bottom of the linked page
    • Habits of a Successful Band Director
    • Habits of a Successful Wind Ensemble
    • Habits of a Successful Musician "Live"
    • Scotts spreadsheets that he talked about in the sessions

Convention - Previous years


This is the information I have as the webmaster. If you want more detailed information for your bandmasters, please send it to:

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Send all information in electronic format. I'm really into "cut and paste" Thanks!