Convention Job Descriptions


  • Introduce yourself to the clinician, and be of assistance to the clinician prior to the start of the session.
  • Start the session on time and with a greeting. Introduce your clinician by giving a few brief words about the person. (contact the MBA President for a brief biography if necessary)
  • Assist the clinician in distributing handouts, using AV equipment, or in any other way during the sesion.
  • Alert the clinician to finish five minutes prior to the stated end of the session, giving members time to get to fill out the evaluation form and get to the next session.
  • Thank the clinician at the end of the session.
  • Collect evaluation forms as members leave.
  • Take the evaluation forms to the registration table.


Badge Checker

  • Be at your assigned room ten minutes early.
  • Make sure the sign posted outside of the room is showing the correct session, and verify that each person entering the room has a Conference badge.
  • At the close of each session, ensure that the sign for the coming session is visible outside the room.
  • Check with the clinician (or Presider) to see if there is a handout. If the clinician desires, distribute the handouts as members arrive, or be ready to distribute them during the sesion as indicated by the clinician.
  • Assist the Presider in collection of evaluation forms at the end of the session.