Convention - 2018

October 18-19, 2018
Hellgate High School

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A Few Past Clinicians:

Patrick Sheridan
website. Was he awesome or what? (2004)
Dennis Granlie - Invest in Intonation: Traps & Tricks of Tuning (2004)
Scott Lang - website Leadership Seminars (2005)
Andrew Goodrich - email - "Going Old School to Teach Your Jazz Band (2005)
Dan Massoth - website - Smart Music & Finale in the Band Room (2005)
Brian Balmages - (2013)
Milton Allen - (2013)

This is the information I have as the webmaster. If you want more detailed information for your bandmasters, please send it to:

Jeff Skogley
201 1st St S
Cascade, MT 59421

Send all information in electronic format. I'm really into "cut and paste" Thanks!